As one of the leading mother and baby care products manufacturers, our commitment to quality is proven through the various international certifications that we have achieved.

accreditation-9001ISO 9001
Certificate MY13/01169

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

accreditation-14001ISO 14001
Certificate SG07/01523

Environment Management Systems

accreditation-13485ISO 13485
Certificate MY13/01170

QMS for Medical Devices – Awareness Training

accreditation-18001OHSAS 18001
Certificate MY10/00510

Occupational Health and Safety Management

accreditation-FDAFDA registered manufacturer for Class 1 & Class 2 Medical Devices

Our Quality Commitment

  • We equip ourselves with the latest technology from Europe and Japan and take continuous improvements and upgrading in our competencies and technology.
  • We use quality Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant and approved materials in our processes to be of medical quality standard.
  • We have dedicated teams in charge of quality control and inspection which include a round-the-clock mould restoration and maintenance.