About Us


As one of the leading baby products manufacturers, our commitment to quality is proven through the various international certifications that we have achieved. In 2002, we embarked and achieved our ISO 9001 certification, accredited by SGS International and Malaysia Standards. This award was certainly considered a quality milestone for all manufacturing companies!


With our determination towards the never ending pursuit of quality, FITSON embarked and achieved the ISO 14001 environment quality certification in 2007, accredited by SGS International and Malaysia Standards. This certification is in line with our drive to ensure that while our products are produced at the highest quality, they are also environmentally friendly and socially responsible. It is our organization’s fundamental belief that no quality product should be produced at the expense of our environment.

At FITSON, it is our management philosophy that an organization is only as good as its employees. We have therefore, embarked and achieved our OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management in 2010, accredited by SGS. As with all socially accountable organizations, FITSON understands the key aspect of producing a quality product lies with the drive and performance of its manufacturing staff. The OHSAS 18001 certification is catered to ensure that we continue producing quality products in a safe and reliable manner, thereby ensuring that welfare and morale are effectively managed to ensure the highest possible quality product!

Our objective is simple. We strive to meet and achieve the most stringent safety and quality standards with every baby product and accessory we produce for our clients and their end users.


Over the years, our in-house production capabilities have grown to include sophisticated machineries for processes such as Plastic Injection Moulding, Over Moulding, Blow Moulding, Brush Tufting & Trimming, Ultrasonic Welding, Automated Water Filling System, Blister Seal Packaging, High Frequency Welding and other production systems. These processes are made possible through the usage of machines with highly-advanced technology mainly imported from Europe and Japan. Besides being a baby products manufacturer, FITSON is also known for being an innovative baby product designer. Our professionals are fully trained to customize the product design according to our clients’ request and preference. Convenience for our clients is also one of our primary considerations and hence our service includes a one-stop solution which encompasses the initial stages of design, product innovation, manufacturing to complete packaging and delivery.

Our equipment and processes may have evolved over the years, but FITSON’s belief in quality and service remains true. Inspired by our passion for service excellence, coupled with the desire for technology and a touch of flair, it is no wonder we are in the business of “nurturing the next generation”.